Alicante Fires of San Juan

In 1928 the fires of San Juan was declared official in Alicante. This celebration is to emphatize the arrival of summer with open-air dances, and it culminates with the lighting of bonfires and the feast of St. John.

Sunday, 20th  of June, the Fire Beauty is selected from among the most beautiful representing each Bonfire Bloodhound. The fiesta starts on the 20th  of June with the 'plantá' (misse en place ) of the bonfires and the barracks settled along the streets, this marked area is where traditional dishes are offered and open-air dances are held.

The first event is the entrance of the Music Bands , which begins at Luceros Gate.The Floral Offering to the Patron Saint of Alicante, the Virgin de los Remedios, happens the 22nd  of June in the Luceros square. On the 23rd  of June the international folklore parade representation takes place. An finally, on the 24th of June, the most expected event, la 'Nit del Foc', or Night of the Fire, when the 'Bonfires' that were placed on the streets and in the squares during the 'plantá' are burned to ashes. Before midnight, the 'Palmera', a spectacular fireworks display, holds on Mount Benacantil.

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