The beautiful Tabarca archipelago is composed by the following islands: 'La Plana, Santa Pola or Nueva Tabarca and an several islets'. In 1964, Tabarca was declared Site of Historic and Artistic Interest. San Pedro and San Pablo village is situated on the west part of the island. The archipielago is aproximately at 8 miles from Alicante and at 3 miles of Santa Pola on the south-east direction.

The village is surrounded by walls and there are three different ways to enter:

-La Puerta de Tierra (northern side)
-La Puerta de Levante (on the east side)
-La Puerta de la Trencada (on the west side)

San Pedro is an authentic example of military architecture in Spain.
Talking about the natural environment, its privileged geological, ecological and biological features, which together with the ideal conditions of conservation, allow the existence of really original ecosystems.

Tabarca Tabarca

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