Alicante Weather

Alicante weather is one of the best weather in Spain. With a yearly average temperature of 21 ºC and 320 sunny days per year, one of the best climate conditions to spend your holidays in Alicante without comparison.

Alicante weather conditions are the  reason for the easygoing way of life you will find here, as well as the friendliness of people. There is no such thing as stress and the most important thing is to enjoy life and feel good every moment of your life.

In the summer bring cool clothes, as unless you are very unlucky you certainly will not need a jacket for the evenings.

Alicante is covered by hills and mountains in the north which means the weather is a kind of microclimate with a limited amount of rain and the average temperature even in winter time does not often fall below 16°C.

You can sunbathe virtually everyday from May to the beginning of October. Sunbathing is possible all year round but between November and May you can get some quite cold winds. However if it is sunny then it is warm enough to sit in the sun for at least for 2 hours per day - even at Christmas!

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